How do you make money with AdSense?

That's what this blog is about!

If you're wondering how you can make money with Google AdSense, or if you just want some more tips on improving AdSense performance, this blog has it.

I've been earning money with AdSense since it first launched in 2003. Over that time I've learned what works best, why something doesn't work, and what not to do.

I'm also learning more stuff, and I'll be sharing that with you here.

About Steve

I've been publishing websites for profit since March 1997, with my first commercially successful website, Interment.net.

I've built and designed nearly 50 websites since then. Some of them have been failures, others successes. I've figured out what ideas make good websites from a business standpoint, and what doesn't.

In 2003 I quit my day job and started doing this full time. In 2005 I incorporated my business into Clear Digital Media, Inc. Today my business is moving along stronger than ever while I continue to enjoy the American dream of being my own boss, setting my own hours, and enjoying life with my wife and friends.

While I utilize AdSense to monetize traffic on my other websites, I still earn much more income from affiliate marketing programs. That's still the bread-n-butter of traffic monetization in my opinion. BUT, AdSense still offers a way to monetize traffic with very little effort, and is particularly useful in niches where there are few affiliate marketing programs.
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