The Best AdSense Tip Of Them All

A few days ago I published an article entitled, "AdSense Publishes Implementation Tips", which basically said that the tips AdSense keeps publishing on their blog are just the same old tips that publishers already know about.

So what is the best tip for improving the revenue on AdSense?

Well, it's getting an audience that is desperate to find what they want.

If people are wanting something that is difficult to find, and you can develop a website that is dedicated to showing them where it is, then you'll have an audience ready to click on a link to get it.

I think the reason why so many publishers complain about poor AdSense performance is because they started out backwards. That is, they started with a subject that they personally enjoy, built a website for it, and then decided to monetize it with AdSense. That is, they are trying to adapt AdSense to their existing audience.

You have to start the other way around, find an audience that is ready and willing to click on some ads, build a site designed to attract that audience, and then put AdSense on it.

Finding such an audience starts with a lot of research. You have to study the marketplace to find niches where advertisers spends tons of money and compete fiercely with each other. Then figure out what it is in that niche that consumers are desperate for.

For example, if the niche is about real estate, and homeowners are desperate to sell homes that have been on the market for a year or more, then you have to focus on the subject of "How to Sell Your Home Quickly", and build a website that focuses only on that question.

Don't branch out and start covering other topics relating to real estate. All you'll do is drive away your key audience, and create a more watered down audience.

The more narrow the topic, the more refined your audience, but the more likely they will click on your ads.


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