How AdSense Smart Pricing Works

AdSense released another new video explaining how their "Smart Pricing" system works.

In short, it allows advertisers to set different rates for each AdSense publisher. So, if one publisher has an audience that is ready and willing to make purchases or sign up for accounts, an advertiser can set a higher a bid for that website alone, while setting lower rates to other websites.

Watch the video...

This is very similar to how the eBay Partner Network works. You earn higher reimbursement rates based on the quality of your traffic.

Which means it behooves us publishers to write content that attracts passionate visitors, ready and willing to make purchases. What are the ways to do this? Moderate blog comments, brand yourself as an expert in your field, write intelligently, and write frequently.

Read more about this on AdSense's blog:


Rebecca E. said...

excellent points, and as I am learning the fine art of AdSense bit by bit, I am of the mind set that content will still win the day as more people "focus" on content

Steve said...

Rebecca, content is always king. However, it's not just content, but focused content, that attracts people who are passionate about a subject, and content that makes you look passionate and sincere about what you're writing.

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