The First Rule of AdSense

As you can see from the previous post (dated November 16, 2007) I haven't been writing this blog for awhile.

That's because I had the carpet pulled out from under me.

Around that same time, Google AdSense basically banned this website from participating in AdSense because the domain included the word "adsense". Oops!

I created this blog because I had some tips and observations formulated after several years of participating in Google AdSense. So I figured I could start this blog and just jot down whatever came to mind. I wasn't trying to make this a popular blog, I just wanted to earn a buck a day from AdSense, which was fine with me considering this blog is hosted on Blogger's server (for free).

But when Google AdSense told me I was violating their program policies, suddenly I had no further reason to keep publishing this.

So a few days ago, my domain name registrar told me "" had expired. At first I decided to just let it expire. But then I figured, "Wait a minute, I'm sure I could still do something with it".

So, it's back online. But instead of using Google AdSense to monetize the traffic, I'm using an affiliate program.

I'm not sure at this time if I'm going to go full time on writing this blog, I suppose that depends on how well I do with the affiliate program. Of course, my beef jerky blog and still keep me busy. But feel free to add the RSS feed to whatever you use to track RSS feeds.

Or would it be easier to keep track if I had a Facebook page for this blog?


Offers King said...

In many advertising networks and websites, including AdSense, the advertiser is charged for advertising their ad only when a user clicks on their ad.

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