AdSense PSA Ads - They're Back!

Those pesky Public Service Announcements (PSA) from AdSense have taken over my dog blog, DoggieNews.

They only seem to show up on the homepage, and on the archive pages. On the permalink pages, AdSense displays paid ads.

Since the homepage generates a big percentage of page views, I'm losing a lot of money by having the PSAs show up. And it was only recently that they began displaying, probably only a week ago. For the longest time, PSAs never showed up there.

You won't actually see PSA ads on my dog blog right now because I've replaced them with a back-up set of ads, which is actually Yahoo Publisher ads. But my experience with Yahoo Publisher shows that it pays less than AdSense. So, I'd rather figure out why PSAs are suddenly showing when they didn't used to.

I think the reason why is because there's been recently a reduction in ads for the words, "dog" and "dogs". It used to be these keywords generated a bunch of ads on Google's SERPs. The PSAs are showing up simply because what few advertisers are remaining for these keywords have may have blocked their ads from AdSense.

I'm going to try to replacing the META keywords with more lucrative ads like "dog training", or "puppy training". I'll let you know if that fixes it.

Blogger Archive Pages

If you're running AdSense on Blogger, there's a little trick you can do to minimize the number of PSA's on your archive pages.

On the Archive Settings, there is a field for the "Archive Filename", as follows...

blogger archive filename
Enter a filename representing your biggest money keyword. In my case, I used "adsense.htm".

Blogger uses this filename when creating archive pages, such as follows...

blogger archive filename
By having the word "adsense.html" as my archive filename, AdSense will use this to determine ad relevancy.

By default, Blogger will use the filename, "archive.html", and this will often cause AdSense to show PSA's.

Of course, this "trick" can apply to any blogging platform, not just Blogger.
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