AdSense PSA Ads - They're Back!

Those pesky Public Service Announcements (PSA) from AdSense have taken over my dog blog, DoggieNews.

They only seem to show up on the homepage, and on the archive pages. On the permalink pages, AdSense displays paid ads.

Since the homepage generates a big percentage of page views, I'm losing a lot of money by having the PSAs show up. And it was only recently that they began displaying, probably only a week ago. For the longest time, PSAs never showed up there.

You won't actually see PSA ads on my dog blog right now because I've replaced them with a back-up set of ads, which is actually Yahoo Publisher ads. But my experience with Yahoo Publisher shows that it pays less than AdSense. So, I'd rather figure out why PSAs are suddenly showing when they didn't used to.

I think the reason why is because there's been recently a reduction in ads for the words, "dog" and "dogs". It used to be these keywords generated a bunch of ads on Google's SERPs. The PSAs are showing up simply because what few advertisers are remaining for these keywords have may have blocked their ads from AdSense.

I'm going to try to replacing the META keywords with more lucrative ads like "dog training", or "puppy training". I'll let you know if that fixes it.


Robert Zemekis said...

AdSense is showing at your homepage right now... It seems that it's hard for AdSense bot to identify theme of your blog, you need more content, that's why you get PSAs...

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Steve said...

Robert, that is not a PSA ad, that's called a "Site Ad", it's paid on a CPM, versus a CPC.

Note that the ad is for "Money Making Revolution", and advertises an income program for website publishers. That's not quite a Public Service Announcement.

Hamdi said...

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Affiliate Programs Buzz said...

Steve, can you see the name of the post? It is ""AdSense PSA Ads - They're Back!""

And, really, Site Ads much better than PSAs, especially when you have tons of traffic! :)

blackvelvet said...

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hero said...

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Global American Media said...

Yeah, me too. I once had an account with a great little company called "ScribeFire" that used to maximize my Adsense Profits by serving only the Highest Grossing Adsense Ads on my site and not content relevant ads.

Believe it or not this was the way to go. Immediately I was making one hundred dollars a day off the first blog I used Scribefire on. And, that was just the start. I was on my way to the legendary 100 dollars an hour mark when suddenly Google shut down my adsense the company I was working with.

An email from them stated I posed a significant threat to their clientele. And, that was it.

No more Scribefire and no more Adsense for me.

I think it is because I was (and still am with new cheeky sponsors to get them back, check it out running a news scrapper site. But, I don't know.

But, what I learned from this experience is that 'Yes, You can Make a lot of Money with Google Adsense.' But, they can control how much by figuring their algorithm to place more content relevant ads over higher grossing ads.

This is wrong in my eyes. Because, I am not a stupid fucking search engine I am a website. Let the customer go back to Google if they want to find more sites like mine. What I want is to make money from my advertising. And not, by and large, just be some extension of Google Search which does not pay me very much or even at all.

If you can another service like it might be worth it. Just maybe check first if they are Google OK or not. Because obviously something about my site and their service just did not jive for somebody somewhere with enough power to shut us both down.

Sincerely yours

Norman Christian Hoffmann

VITALITY said...

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Karsten said...

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Timepass said...

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