Blocking Public Service Ads

My home-based website publishing blog, "In Your Web", has a nagging problem of getting a lot of public service ads (PSA) from Google AdSense.

This only happens on the homepage.

The reason is the domain name "". Considering that keywords in the domain name, directory name, and filename, is a key factor towards determining relevant ads on AdSense, now you see why I get so many public service ads on the homepage. The other pages are ok, because those have more keywords in the filenames.

adsense psa
So the million dollar question is, "Why did I choose such a stupid domain name?"

Well, it wasn't that stupid at the time.

In Your Web was first launched in October 2003. That was only 7 months after Google AdSense was launched (March 2003). At that time, no one understood how AdSense determined relevancy, we were all still trying to figure it out.

I chose the name "In Your Web" because I wanted something that was easily recognizable. I was going after a domain that could be easily branded. Knowing what I know now, I would picked out a domain that had a keyword in it.

Blocking Public Service Ads

You can't force AdSense to display paid ads instead of the public service ad. Remember that the public service ads are displaying because Google can't figure out what else to display.

AdSense does provide some options on how it should handle this situation...

public service ad configuration
The second option, "Show Non-Google ads from another URL" is perhaps the best choice. It allows you to enter a URL to display ads from another source...

Here's what you do.

First create a new webpage on your server. This webpage should NOT have any of your website's template on it. It should be pure blank. Except, between the BODY tags, paste the advertising code from another advertising network. Make sure that the advertising code will display an ad with the same dimensions you're using with Google Adsense. NOTE: don't center the ad on the page, let it top-left-justify naturally.

Upload this page to your webserver.

Now, enter the URL for this page into the box above.

That's it. When Google decides that it can't find any relevant ads, it will display this instead.

You can also get creative, and instead of pasting code from another advertising service, you can use links for some affiliate programs, or links to some of your other websites.


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