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Collection of Personal Information

This website does not collect any personal information from its users, with the exception of the following:

User IP Address: The server which our website is located on collects the IP address of each user. This is used to determine how many unique visitors are accessing the website. This information is not shared with any person or organization outside of Clear Digital Media, Inc., the owner of this website.

Author Information: Articles published on our website include personally identifying information about its author(s). This information is used solely to provide website users with a means to contact the author. Authors who seek to have their articles published here are required to provide contact information.

Cookies: Our website does not place cookies on its users' computers. However, cookies may be placed from its advertisers. Organizations who advertise on our website have made assurances that the information gleaned from cookies is used solely to track advertising performance, and is not shared with any other persons or organizations.


Any correspondence submitted to us will be kept confidential.


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